One Time Solutions is focused on getting real results for your business. From start to finish we will work closely with you to determine your goals and then build the tools to help you reach them. We can even help you put those tools in place and deploy them as a part of your plan. One Time Solutions uses a 3-step marketing strategies approach. We feel this allows the client to be fully aware of how their company is being marketed. This also allows them to have input on what is happening. The 3-step process is as follows: Research - This is when we find out what the offer is and the best marketing approach to take for the product or service Deployment - This is when the offer/service is performed Analysis - This is when the offer/service is analyzed to see the effects of the offer/service. A report is given to the client One Time Solutions portfolios are designs that were custom made to fit the image that our clients wanted to be recognized as. These designs are just some of what First Time Solutions can produce for their clients. First Time Solutions really concentrates on the result that the client is trying to achieve. During the design phase First Time Solutions works next to the customer to ensure the design is what they are looking for. Contact us to see learn or see more of our work at

Saturday, January 18, 2014

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